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The health and beauty benefits of Red Ginseng have been known across Asia for millennia.  Red ginseng is a prize of South Korea, where it is very carefully monitored by the government for quality and authenticity.


In this day when people are consumed with miracle cures to help them look and feel better, red ginseng has proven itself to be the genuine article.  South Koreans partake of red ginseng in various forms daily.  Anyone who watches popular Korean dramas cannot help but notice red ginseng in packets or pouches prominently featured, being enjoyed by some of the country’s biggest stars, like Song Joong-ki and Kim Woo-bin.  The special CheongKwanJang brand of red ginseng is specially matured to a minimum of 6 years growth to ensure the highest efficacy of its healthful components.


Representing South Korea as the national gift to such visiting dignitaries as Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II, the Korea Ginseng Corporation, or KGC, has blazed the trail of bringing the wonder of red ginseng to American shores.  Always moving with time and trends, KGC joined hands with the brightest rising star in New York’s Koreatown, Besfren Café, to launch their Everytime Extract and special Women’s Balance. 


There is the high-quality, daily formula in the Everytime Extract gold packet, which, like many medicines is bitter as heck, but terrifically good for you.  Everytime Extract has been certified by the Korean Government as boosting the immune system, increasing energy and stamina, blood circulation and antioxidants and promoting healthy aging. 


KGC also proudly displayed their pink-packaged Women’s Balance which is - you guessed it - for the ladies, with a milder, sweeter taste, full of nutrients directed to women’s health and beauty concerns.  While bearing the same health qualities of the Everytime formula, the pomegranate, lemon balm and cranberry extracts in the Women’s Balance has the additional effect of reliving menstrual concerns and digestive issues.


The launch, and its wonderfully festive party, complete with live jazz combo and fun photo opportunities to capture how guests, including some of New York City’s biggest social influencers, really felt about trying the ginseng products.  The “Yuk” faces after the samples of Everytime Extract framed for posterity were all great fun.  


Many of the guests happily toted around the yummier Women’s Balance pouches as if they were juice packs for grown-ups.  


Besides the red ginseng line, the event starred Besfren’s culinary wizardry, infusing many of their delicious pasties and drinks with red ginseng, which gave their treats a lively and nutritious flavour punch.  It was certainly the sweetest way to make the ginseng go down. 


With the KGC’s accent on well-being, and Besfren Café’s ever-evolving line of delicious and healthy desserts and beverages, there is no stopping America’s growing familiarity and embrace of Korean Red Ginseng.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

December 14th, 2017


KGC's CheongKwanJang Red Ginseng products are available at BESFREN CAFE and BESFREN BEAUTY, 315 Fifth Avenue at 32nd Street in Manhattan.

Find out more about KGC's CheongKwanJang Red Ginseng products and their benefits on their website: https://www.kgcus.com/




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Photos Courtesy of Korea Ginseng Corp. 

Exclusive Photos by LMD 


LMD with Besfren creators, Min Ree & Paul Park, & Besfren Cafe's leading bunny/chanteuse Ms. Ruby Choi




Do Your Bit for Fabulosity.

Don’t hesitate, just donate.