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Hey kids, we had a fun sit down with the stars of the new comedy, I Love You, Man.  The adorable quartet of Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones and Jaime Pressly chatted about boyfriends, girlfriends, manfriends, locker room talk, make-up sex and the strange and timeless allure of Rush.

Dig it.


I Love You, Man

Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Rashida Jones & Jaime Pressly


The Lady Miz Diva:  Jaime, you and Jon Favreau have some scary chemistry going on, can you tell us how you guys worked out your characters?

Jaime Pressly:  Well, he had done {My Name is} Earl.  He had done our show before, so I had gotten to work with him on the show, but I also knew him and Vince {Vaughn} through other things, but Iíd never been able to spend this much time with him.  And the day started out like, Ď300 million? Really?í  Cos it was a Monday and Friday the 3 days before is when Iron Man came out and I was like, ďReally, you got 300 million now. I guess you can direct me now?Ē  And we were laughing and talking about it and how we wanted to be, and he said, ďDo you think they really hate each other and thatís why they argue?í  And I went, ďNo, I think they love each other madly.  I think itís passion, but I think they both wanna wear the pants.  They both wanna be the boss and theyíre both really strong minded individuals.  I think she is such a strong individual, he needs to constantly show her that heís the boss.  But, I think at the end of the day, they just love having make-up sex.Ē  And he said, ďOkay, all right, letís do this.Ē  And so every take we did was different, and heís so amazing at improv that he keeps you on your toes and it was always so quick.  A lot of the film is improv with everybody and thatís what made it so much more fun.


LMD:  I Love You, Man has a surprising amount of straight talk between the sexes.  Thereís a great scene where Peter Klaven discovers exactly how graphic ladiesí conversations about their sexual relationships are.

JP:  Uh-huh, it kinda calls you out a little bit in every arena.


LMD:  Were any of you or people around you surprised by that? The men in my screening all sat back shocked in their seats.

JP:  Yeah, first of all people loved seeing Denise and Barry, mine and Favís characters; because we all know that couple or have been that couple where you just break-up to make up and you love to fight and itís just constant, but they never break up.  Youíre always around them and youíre like, ďOh, do we have to go out with them again?Ē You know what I mean? So, people loved that there was a lot of honesty in that relationship.

And then of course having a role-reversal where itís not the girl whoís sitting there alone and they guys going out for guysí night. Itís the girl going, ĎCan you get out of the house?í Itís usually backwards.

Rashida Jones:  Amazing, I loved that.  I donít know about for everybody, but for me that was a pretty honest portrayal of how girls talk. I mean we are De-Tailed.  I think that guys donít actually know that, which is why I think itís a good thing that itís being represented in a movie cos you donít get to see that that often.  Itís weird cos itís not in the way that guys would expect; itís not in a bragging way.  Itís just that we like to be really specific.  We like to know everything about everything thatís going on with each other, so that you can refer back to it later.  Itís a way to understand each other to know sexual details.

I really loved the dynamic between the girlfriends cos they all felt really different. They all had different points of view, but they found a way to converge and love each other through that and you donít get to see that that often in the movies, either.  And also the fact that they were truly raw, the way that I know that I can be with my girlfriends.  We spare no feelings anywhere.

Jason Segel:  Thatís a shame they didnít know already because this thing about locker room talk between men, I think is a total myth.  At least the kind of guys Paul and I are, and thusly the kind of guys we hang out with.  Itís not like that; thereís a lot of silence when weíre hanging out, thereís just joking around, thereís watching TV there drinking some beers.  Itís women who are super, super dirty and explicit with their friends.  And I know this because whenever Iíve run into friends of an ex-girlfriend, theyíre always like, ďI know about youÖĒ


LMD:  Did reading that explicit stuff in the script jolt any bad memories?

JS:  Not really.  Iím pretty good at it, so I always get positive feedback.


LMD:  Can you tell us what it was like on the set?  Jaime mentioned all the improvisation and I understand thereís a DVDís worth of Paul giggling.

Paul Rudd:  Easily thereís that, I ruined a lot of takes.

JS:  Giggling isnít even the right term.  Sometimes you would laugh yourself into tears.

PR:  There was an entire mag of film, which is the whole reel and it lasts about 12 to 15 minutes Ė an entire mag because I couldnít even get one line out.  And John (director, Hamburg) would cut and I couldnít stop and Iím crying.  And once you get a case of the gigglesÖ and he just kept on.  He shot an entire mag and nothing was accomplished.


LMD:  How did the band Rush come into play?

JS:  Well, John Hamburg was actually in a band in high school called the Luv Rhinos -L.U.V. - and they covered Rush.  Rush is also actually the quintessential band that guys of that generation love and women kinda donít get - and I donít think thatíll offend them cos they seem aware of it.  But it was the perfect thing for Paul and I to bond over that would alienate Rashida.  Weíve tried to think of other bands, cos sometimes we get the question, ďWell, if it wasnít Rush, who would it have been?Ē  But nobody is quite like Rush in that regard.


LMD:  Can you talk about upcoming projects?

JS:  Iím writing the new Muppet Movie for Disney and Iím writing another movie for Judd {Apatow} called The Five Year Engagement, and Iím doing Gulliverís Travels in England for the next five months and Iíve also been doing this animated movie called Despicable Me, where me and Steve Carrell play rival supervillains.

PR:  Jesus, Jason, youíre busy as hell!  I did wroteÖ I did wroteÖ

JS: {Laughs} He did wrote a show! I seent it!

PR:  He seent it!  My friends Rob Thomas and John Enbom, we wrote a show many years ago and actually itís going to be on Starz.  Weíre producing it itís about caterers, called Party Down.  So, I hope to do some work on that and work on some of the scripts and write them.



~ The Lady Miz Diva

March 8th, 2009







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Exclusive photos by LMD





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