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As the visual of South Koreaís supergroup, INFINITE, ďL,Ē a.k.a. Kim Myung-soo, has parlayed his profile and massive fame at home and overseas into an acting career in standout dramas, like MASTERíS SUN, THE EMPEROR {/RULER}: MASTER OF THE MASK.

During his solo appearance at the first K-EXPO in New York City, Kim sat down for an exclusive chat with LMD to talk about his aspirations as an actor, singer, and now as a composer; as well as his arrangements for a long-awaited INFINITE reunion for the fans.

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Kim Myung-soo


The Lady Miz Diva:  This isnít your first time in New York City, but your first time on your own before an NYC audience.  How do you feel?

Kim Myung-soo:  Thereís nothing special about it, because Iíve been here a few times, but this time, I got to learn more about New York, which is really exciting.  Especially, Iím excited to meet all the fans that are here.


LMD:  Of course, we know you as a member of INFINITE.  Tell us what appearing with the group around the world has taught you as an actor?

KMs:  Through meeting fans from different countries, I was able to learn the cultures and the personalities of different cultures, which is really exciting.  To connect with fans all over the world from different cultures, backgrounds and personalities is really exciting.


LMD:  You have acted with many well-known seniors.  Can you tell us what was the best advice anyone has given you with regard to acting?

K:  The key is being natural: Acting natural, so Iím not all tensed up.  That is something I learned the most from all the seniors.


LMD:  Whose advice did you follow the most?

K:  Sung Dong-il-sunbaenim {MISS HAMMURABI}.  We acted together, and we spent a lot of time together.



LMD:  Youíve been nominated for some of your drama roles, and last year won with THE EMPEROR: MASTER OF THE MASK.  Does being praised in this way affect your perspective on acting?

K:  I learned the most about how much the fans loved me.  I had awards for being a new actor, and also the most popular one; those two awards were the most memorable, and that taught me how much the fans love me.


LMD:  Tell me a role you see yourself playing?  Anyone from a previous film, or a book, or even someone in your imagination that you would like to try?

K:  In the past, I was looking for specific roles that would suit me the most, like this and that.  But now, I want something that suits my age the most; something that would be the best on me, and what the fans would like to see the most.


LMD:  James Bond?

K:  {Laughs} AhhhhÖ And P.S., James Bond. {Laughs}


LMD: The INFINITE album, TOP SPEED was notable for many reasons, including your composition, "Reminisce."  You have begun to show yourself as a songwriter.  What does that do for you creatively? 

K:  This was the first time I ever participated in songwriting, and it was really exciting.  And especially today, there is a song Iím singing during our fanmeeting that might be on my next album, but I will also take part in the songwriting.  It is really exciting, and it says more about what I wish to do with songwriting.


LMD:  Do you receive encouragement from your band members?

K:  The members didnít know before, actually.  When they heard it, they went, ďHuh, youíre pretty good.Ē


LMD:  We know you as a singer, dancer, actor, composer, and published photographer:  Is there any other artistic pursuit you havenít tried that you would like to? 

K:  Obviously, I really want to try a lot of different things, but I already have acting, singing, and songwriting, and photography, etc.  So, I really want to focus, and be really good at what Iím already doing.


LMD:  Being part of the acting world, a natural question is have you considered writing or directing a screenplay?

K:  I want to focus, instead of films, more on the drama aspect of it.


LMD:  Why do you like dramas more?

K:  Iím interested in both films and dramas.  But I just have this feeling that my next one is going to be a drama.


LMD:  INFINITE is eight years old.  Youíve faced a big turning point this year, and came through it.  How can INFINITEís L keep on growing and progressing?

K:  Actually, it is been nine years as a member of INFINITE.  Obviously, as a member of INFINITE, I want to show different colors, but also as a solo artist and actor, I want to show different personalities.


LMD:  Of course, INFINITE fans need to know what is coming up in the future.  Can you give us some things to look forward to?

K:  INFINITE is going to be holding a fan meeting.  Iím still searching for countries that I am confirming at the moment.  It has been a while since all five have been together, so weíre in preparation to show a lot as the five members. 

If I have a chance, Iíd love to come back to New York and do it.


LMD:  What is the ultimate goal of Kim Myung-soo as an artist?

K:  I want to focus on acting and singing, and be known as someone who is well-rounded and can act and sing.


LMD:  Which came first, the desire to act, or the desire to perform music?

K:  They both came at the same time.  When Iím singing, I think of singing, when Iím acting, I think of acting.  {Laughs}


LMD:  What is next for Kim Myung-soo?

K:  As a singer, I am preparing my solo album.  As an artist, Iím considering potential work that I can do next.  I would appreciate if the fans would wait patiently, so I can come up with great work.


LMD:  Would you please give a message to your fans?

K:  Itís been a while since Iíve been to New York.  I am so happy to be back.  Even the next time Iím in New York, I wish to see you again with more content and more exciting stuff going on.  The New York fan meeting was very happy for me.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

Sept. 30th, 2018


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