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Splashing onto the anime scene like a bolt of psychedelic lightning, MOB PSYCHO 100 captivated audiences in Japan and around the world with its sensational visuals by the legendary Studio BONES, its story by ONE PUNCH MAN mangaka, ONE, and excellent voice acting.

Moments before Anime NYC world premiered the first two episodes of MOB PSYCHO 100ís long-awaited second season, Mob himself, Ito Setsuo, chatted with LMD about portraying the deceptively simple, supernatural beast of Mob both behind the mic and live on stage, and eking out secrets from ONE-sensei.

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Ito Setsuo

The Lady Miz Diva:  You are quite new to being a seiyuu.  How did you receive the role of Mob?

Ito Setsuo:  I received the role through auditioning.  My agent arranged the audition for me.


LMD:  Mob strikes me as a difficult character to play, because he is such an empty vessel.  He is quite blank and it is very difficult to know how he really feels.  As the person giving him his voice, what about the character do you find that makes you able to play him?

IS:  The first thing about Mob is that he very innocent and straightforward.  I guess I didnít think about it, but I think I play to that quality of his innocence and straightforwardness. 


LMD:  Is there something about his relationships; his love of his family, or his friendships, that you are able to identify with in Mob to portray him?

IS:  Within Mob, he obviously loves his brother, Ritsu, but that is something special in Mob.  But, other than that, he is quite neutral to his family and his friends, and even to his enemies.  He is always innocent and neutral and straightforward.  Maybe his love for his brother, but everything else is neutral.


LMD:  You have met ONE-sensei, what was it like for you to meet the creator of the character you play?

IS:  {Laughs} If Mob was to grow up, I think heís going to turn into ONE-sensei.  {Laughs}


LMD:  When you met ONE-sensei, did you ask any questions about Mob?

IS:  I didnít really have a chance to ask him any questions.  I was caught up in the performance, so I didnít have any leeway to do other things, like ask questions.

When I finished recording the first season -- when I was all done with it, there was only one question I wanted to ask ONE-sensei, and that was, what is the ending going to be like?


LMD:  What did he tell you?

IS:  He didnít tell me exactly how it was going to end, but he told me which episode it was going to end in; what number was the final episode.


LMD:  We are about to watch the highly-anticipated first episode of season 2. Weíve seen the new key artwork with old and new characters, and visuals that look like the film, INCEPTION.  What can you tell us about Mob -- Shigeo Kageyama -- that has changed since season 1, and are you approaching him differently?

IS:  MOB PSYCHO 100 was the first thing I did, and since then, I have done other voice acting.  And so, I also have grown; I have learned other things, and heard from other people.

So, when I decided to put in all the other elements that Iíve learnt since I started acting for Mob, I was actually told, ďPlease remember how you were acting in season one, and put your mind back to that moment.Ē  So, I had to strip away everything, and be the first season Mob again, which was quite hard for me.


LMD:  You have not only given Mob his voice, but you have portrayed him live on stage, in the theatrical play.  What was the difference for you to really embody Mob?

IS:  When I was given the role of Mob in the play, I thought I was cast because I had acted as Mob in the anime, which was true.  But I decided I wanted to do something that was kind of similar to the anime, but in the end, through stage, I kind of built up a Mob for stage, which is different from anime Mob.  Everything, all the movements became bigger and overreacting on the stage, but I thought that it was necessary to create Mob for stage to interact with the audience.


LMD:  With the advent of the MOB PSYCHO 100 stage play, Iím curious whether you originally wanted to become a seiyuu or did you want to become stage and film actor?

IS:  I felt if I had the chance, I would want to do stage acting while I was voice acting, as well.  But I did like watching stage plays before I started acting.


LMD:  Who are some of the seiyuu performances, or actors who inspire you?

IS:  I like POK…MON.  That is kind of the reason that I wanted to get into voice acting.  I really admire Rica Matsumoto, who plays Ash, or Satoshi, in the Japanese version.

The actor that I have really learnt from is Miyu Irino, the voice of Ritsu.  I studied film with him, and I have taken a lot from his acting, because Irino has been acting for very long time, since he was a kid.  So, I have taken a lot from his other works, and what he has done before, and studied them.


LMD:  Has your part in the second season been finished?  What is next for Ito-san after MOB PSYCHO 100? 

IS:  I am still recording Mob.  I canít say much about my next project, but Iím going to be singing in a small live house.  It has nothing to do with voice acting, but I am going to be singing in a live house. {Laughs}


LMD:  You are here in New York City before very happy fans.  Earlier this year, you won a prestigious award for your voice acting.  What is the goal of Ito Setsuo, professionally?

IS:  I think there arenít any goals, because all the veteran voice actors are trying to find their goals in every role.  They are always thinking about how to act.  So, I canít say that I can set a goal to it.  But, if I was to strive for something, I want to lose my childishness and grow up.


LMD:  Would you please give a message to your New York fans?

IS:  I am so very happy that thereís been so much support for Japanese anime, and that you have invited me here, and Iíve had such a good time.  I also want to continue to receive support, and be thankful for Japanese animation, and animation, in general.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

Nov. 17th, 2018


MOB PSYCHO 100 II begins airing January 2019



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Exclusive photos by LMD

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