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Hey Boys and Girls, we had the great pleasure of a little face time with the stars of Morning Glory.  LMD asked Indiana Solo, Annie Hall and the Mean Girl from The Notebook where the cast found their inspirations for their onscreen avatars.

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 Morning Glory Press Conference

Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum


The Lady Miz Diva:  For Ms. Keaton, Mr. Ford, and Ms. McAdams.  I wondered if there were any real life counterparts that you looked at in creating these roles?  Watching Mr. Ford's character, I kinda felt like he was a little bit of maybe little Dick Cheney in there and… {Laughter}

Diane Keaton: That's scary.

Harrison Ford:  Cheney, wow.


LMD:And maybe a little Peter Jennings, sort of softening it up.

HF:  Do you think it was the socks that made you think of Dick Cheney?

Patrick Wilson:  It was the bad aim.

HF: Yeah.

DK:  Okay.  So {Laughs} I'm gonna quiz you.  Who did you think I looked the most like?  'Cause all I cared about was how looked.  So… who did you think I looked the most like?  Now try and picture me with a little blonder hair.

LMD:  Diane Sawyer.

DK:  That's it!  You win.  Yeah.  {Laughs} It was absolutely Diane Sawyer.  Because, you know, I did an interview with her.  And it was for a different movie.  And I remember I was looking at her, and her face was like as close as Rachel's, right?  And I was looking at her.  And I got mesmerized by her face.  And I don't know what we were talking about.  So I just said, "You know, you are beautiful."  And she is.  You know, those lips?  And you kinda like study her face.  It was really amazing.  And then I said-- you know, she said-- "Well, thank you," you know.  And I said, "Yeah."  I said-- "You know, it's a shame that I had to work so hard on my personality, unfortunately."  And she just, you know, has an amazing face.  And that's when I said the F word.  And that was when I was banned from that show.  {All laugh} So that's my story.  But it was Diane Sawyer.

Rachel McAdams:  I shadowed some executive producers.  I was fortunate enough to be invited into the control room of Good Morning America and The Today Show. 

Not a lot of female executive producers.  It's very uncommon.  So I think there's only been a handful, at those bigger shows, which says something about the hours and what it requires.  I've realized it's actually easier to be an actress than an executive producer on a morning television show.  You have a little bit more time to yourself.

HF:  Fully and completely. {All laugh} I didn't want to imitate anybody else.  I wanted to figure out who Mike Pomeroy was, and then I wanted to be Mike Pomeroy as a network news executive.  So I didn't pattern my character after any particular newsman.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

Nov. 7th, 2010




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(Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)






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