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My Love From Another Star


LMD finally gave in. They had been buzzing around my consciousness for a very long time and 2013 was the year I succumbed to the peculiar addiction called the K-Drama.  K- for Korean (or J- for Japanese dramas), these programs are the Asian relations of our lost, lamented soap operas.  Thereís no end of variety; Joseon era historicals (The Moon Embracing the Sun), gender-benders (Secret Garden, Coffee Prince), paranormal modern fantasies (Vampire Prosecutor), slice-of-life dramedies (Reply 1997), and the ever-popular unlikely romance between the Plain Jane (Relatively speaking: Thereís no such thing as a plain Korean actress - I think itís against union rules.) and the wealthy, spoilt Flower Boy (a stylish, pretty young man).  The oppressively wholesome love stories (In Korea, accidentally brushing against someoneís hand is tantamount to a marriage proposal.  The J-Dramas are somewhat less insistently virginal.), which also feature varying production values ranging from epic to chintzy, can glue you if you find one that fits.

In the three months since I gave over, I've inhaled about two dozen titles, starting with Boys Over Flowers, or F4, as itís known in Korea, a show so popular, itíd been remade four times in Asia, with a US version dreaded - I mean, expected - any minute.  There were shows that were tossed after three episodes, but the majority I've stuck through.  Most of them are entertaining enough, but somewhat lacking, particularly where the female lead is concerned (Mainly in Korean soaps vs. Japanese ones, where they're a bit more sophisticated and adult.).  The lead male characters are almost always written strongly with a definite sense of who he is and will be through the duration of the show, while the females tend to be very mutable and their personalities often fluctuate with the writer's whim or the plot's need.  The girl you cheered for in chapter one may not resemble herself five episodes in.  However...

My heart has been won by what has so far been not only my hands-down favourite K-Drama, but might be one of my fave shows from anywhere and I don't even know its proper name.  It's got several translation variations, but for our purposes, let's call it My Love from Another Star.  

Itís part Sci-Fi time-travel fantasy, part comedy, part romance and all brilliant.  Starring Jun Ji-hyun {Gianna} as Cheon Song-yi, an outwardly vacuous actress wending her way thru the fox traps of fame; envious colleagues, backstabbing friends, social media gaffes in front of the anonymous, yet powerful plague known as the netizens.  Her career is on a slippery slope that is not helped by her forthright manner and tart tongue, when she meets a young man who is completely unimpressed with her fame and amazingly has no idea who she is.  What, is he from another planet?  WellÖ  Do Min-joon was stranded on Earth four hundred years ago after losing contact with his fellow space tourists.  His part of our story revolves around his connection to the soul of a little girl he met then.  Fast forward four centuries and that little girl may or may not be reincarnated into the body of the vain, silly, trouble-magnet celebrity who keeps crossing his path.  Min-joon finally ready to go home, but his entanglement with the tumultuous Song-yi keeps getting in his way.

The writing is great, the characters are rich, and the acting!  Jun Ji-hyun kills it as the spoiled actress, Cheon Song-yi, giving the most full-bodied performance I've seen in a K-Drama, and her incendiary chemistry with Secretly, Greatly hunk, Kim Soo-hyun, going all Spock in Armani as the really old alien, Do Min-joon, is too much.  Too much!  Throw in some jealousy, betrayal, romantic triangles and a (multiple) murder mystery and there ya go.  It's only up to episode eight and doesn't have a set number yet, but it's slaying the ratings in Korea and was just sold to China at the highest price ever for a drama.  Each chapter has been better than the last.  I hope you all love as much as I do.

Babies, this might be the best Welcome 2014 present I could give you.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

January 14th, 2014


Click on the link below to watch My Love from Another Star on DramaFever.





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