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Our premiere product rave espouses the joys of Sabon. Sabon is a wonderful small franchise which trades in luxurious bath and body products. Soaps, salts, powders and oils, all designed to make your average ordinary scrub in the tub a joyful escape. 

My Sabon experience began with the sure-fire lure of free stuff. Whilst wandering through a street in a small village there stood a young woman with a basket, passing out samples of teeny-tiny Sabon products to unsuspecting soap fiends. I have no idea how I missed the shop previously in my travels, but emboldened by freebies, I decided to enter and find out what it was all about.  

The gorgeous blend of clean, exotic scents yanked me in by the trunk. The walls at Sabon are decked with long blocks of handmade bar soaps, bags of soap chips (- suitable for potpourris) and bottles of unguents and emollients. All is woodsy and rustic looking and their homey product packaging is meant to give the feeling of buying from a maman and papa shop somewhere in a chateau village in Provençe. Nice job for a franchise shop. I was seen to by a wonderful proprietress called Christina, who cheerfully displayed Sabon’s wonders whilst getting an understanding of your devoted deity’s scent and soaking preferences. Sabon has installed a deep shell-like basin at the back of the store, all the better for Christina to wield her magic (– note to vendors – sometimes you don’t have to make the hard sell, just know your product and be attentive). She allowed me to sample some tried and true products, creamy lotions, silky body butters, scented scrubs and salts from the Dead Sea. She also demonstrated groovy items I’d never heard of like Sabon’s amazing mineral powder; a mere handful of which turns your bathwater foamy, fragrant and relaxing. Christina showed me how to layer the sea salts, oils, and mineral powders to create the most perfect soak, ever. Oh yeah, perfect excuse for this elephant to get even more wrinkly, but fear not, Sabon’s non-greasy moisturising lotions deliver a wonderful scent whilst absorbing into your skin. Nothing worse than a slippery pachyderm, folks. 

I pretty thrilled with the items I purchased from Sabon. That wonderful mineral powder, massage oil (- does double duty as a bath oil, says our fabulous sales genius, Christina), body lotion, a bar of their handmade olive-oil based bar soap (- sliced for you while you wait, like a pizza), body scrub and wonderfully aromatic sea salts. My only complaint was with the sea salts; I felt that for the price, you don’t get very much. Conversely, I also felt you had to use a lot of the salts (- more than the other products) to feel the effect in the bathwater, so that purchase didn’t feel like a value to me. The prices are not horribly expensive, but they’re not Calgon, either. However, it’s certainly a lovely indulgence and I write off the splurge as necessary therapy.  

The quality of the products does bear out a lot of the cost; Sabon makes emphasis on their use of natural products. Finding out more about Sabon, they have been eco-friendly since their start in 1997, with no animal testing and using recycled materials for their paper and glass packaging. Neat, ne?  

Babies, get scrubby and soft with Sabon. My experience in their store was great thanks to the attentions and awesome sales skills of Ms. Christina. Don’t be upset if you can’t find Christina yourself, Sabon has an online store. They’ve made my already wonderful nightly soak into a reward at the end of a drudgerous day, ending it on a beautifully scented, soothing high note. Ahhh, indeed.


~ Mighty Ganesha 

Sept. 22nd, 2007


PS: Here’s a breakdown of the goodies Your Ever-Luvvin’ Squeaky-Clean Pachydermus absconded with at Sabon. Turns out not only are their products scrubbily delicious, but they’re good for you, too!


Mineral Powder

Size:  500ml

Type of Skin: All Skin Types

Flavor: Honey Peach, PLR, PLV, Vanilla Coconut

Ingredients: Minerals, essential oils and salt from the Dead Sea.

Description: A mineral rich effervescent powder made from a blend of Dead Sea salts, minerals and essential oils.


Patchouli Lavender Rose: Sabon’s Mineral Powder is a mineral rich effervescent powder made from a blend of Dead Sea salts, minerals and essential oils. Choose a truly romantic blend of earthy patchouli, calming lavender and hormone balancing rose. Transport yourself.


  • For a soothing bath after a long day.
  • Good for sore muscles.
  • The minerals lower blood pressure and enhance relaxation.
  • Great for softening the skin.
  • A healing combination for rheumatism too.

 How to Use:

Toss a handful into the running water. For a really creamy “latte” effect, add Milky Soap!


Massage Oil

Choose Sabon’s Massage oil for an intense sensory treatment, so full of richness and dimension that it feels like liquid gold. The grapeseed oil base bursts with antioxidants, and the essential oils deliver a powerful aromatherapy experience.  

Size: 100ML

Type of Skin: All skin types

Flavors: Refreshing, Sensual, Nourishing, Relaxing

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil, sandalwood oil, ylang-ylang, neroli. 

Description: A truly amazing product. Unlike the Sabon signature fragrances (Ginger orange, PLV, etc) here each massage oil is named for the effect of the unique aromatharapy oil combination– ie. Relaxing, Sensual, etc. 


Great for sore muscles.

Excellent deep moisturizing for the skin.

Very invigorating fragrances.

Strengthens and protects the layers of the skin. 

How to: Great for use in the bath as well as directly on the body.

Rub on damp skin after  shower.


Bath Sea Salts 

Size: 250ml

Type of Skin: All skin types.

Flavors: Honey Peach, Rose, Vanilla

Ingredients: Crystals of Dead Sea salts, dried flowers, therapeutic herbs and essential oils.

 Description: Mineral enriched Dead Sea salts are infused with petals and oils.

Explore the magical healing properties of the Dead Sea without leaving your home.


  • Improves circulation, heals rheumatism and conquers the stresses of modern living.  All you have to do is take a deep breath (inhaling the vapors is especially healing), lie back and allow nature to take her course.
  • Good for aching muscles.
  • Dried petals float in your bath, creating a romantic effect.
  • Good for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Decreases blood pressure.
  • Gives the water a silky texture.

MG – Oh, Yeah...

©2006-2009 TheDivaReview/




(Courtesy of Sabon)