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Hey, have you ever wondered what would happen if your food came to life?  Nope, me neither.  In a premise that could have only been dreamed up with assistance from a water pipe and Funyuns, we have Sausage Party, the story of anthropomorphic food items who discover what really happens after they leave the supermarket. 

Our nationís July 4th barbecues rituals spell excitement and anticipation for the meat products and hot dog rolls that line the shelves of a supermarket.  Their goal in life is to be chosen by a customer and find their way to a home.  Itís only after one former shop denizen returns with nightmarish tales of chopping, cooking, and devouring that the naÔve comestibles begin to doubt the path they believed for so long would bring happiness.  Escaping their plastic confines, Frank the sausage and Brenda the hot dog bun begin their odyssey through the market to discover the true meaning of their existence.

Itís just dreadful.  Throughout all Sausage Partyís blatant attempts to push buttons seeking to distract from being utterly devoid of ingenuity, I cannot recall one real laugh.  The inevitable bacchanal as the good guys, lesbian tacos, twink Twinkies, bagels and lavashes celebrate avoiding consumption (to face, what, rot?) is something only the most bored elementary school kid who just found out about hoo-hoos and na-nas and what they do together might draw in a lazy, notebook doodle.  This from an alleged ďadultĒ comedy.  Was that supposed to be edgy, any of it?  Clearly, itís mean to be silly, but misses the mark and falls flat off the screen into stupidity and simply trying too hard.  The animation is also unremarkable, so Sausage Party cannot even be enjoyed on that level.  Beyond a transparent attempt at becoming a midnight movie, I cannot see what or who this picture was meant for?

Puerile and mind-numbingly dumb, I have no idea how this ever got released by a major studio.  This paean to self-indulgence is clearly a sop to Sonyís relationship with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who masterminded this disaster.  If we must have movies born out of blazing up, why not give us something on par with Pineapple Express?

Itís appalling that offal like this sees the light of day and Ralph Bakshi has to go to Kickstarter for a Vimeo release.

Despite all the testimony of proponents to legalise it, Sausage Party is ample evidence that cannabis is not as harmless as they would have you believe.

Just say no.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

Aug. 12th, 2016




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