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Anaheim, California,

Our excellent on-the-scene reporter, Melissa Castor, attends the  AM˛ convention and brings back an exclusive report on one of our favourite groups, "The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock Band," SCANDAL.

Dig it!

On Monday, July 4th, 2011, the girl-rock group SCANDAL held a press conference at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim, CA. In attendance were approximately fifteen press members, each outlet eager to ask the girls their questions.

The Diva Review was able to ask two questions, the amount any given press outlet was able to ask in the short allotted time.

SCANDAL talked about how happy they were after the previous nights live. They said they were happy to hear everyone singing along; the girls were nervous at first, but glad the show worked out so well.

This performance at AM˛ is not SCANDAL’s first time performing overseas. When asked about any differences noticed when overseas, they answered that wherever the band went, they always felt at home. They were touched and pleased that everyone was there to see them.

With their new album, they have grown musically as a band. While they still wear school-uniforms, they are growing more as a band as well as growing into adults. Their music is maturing as their individual skills are developing. Over the next five years, they plan to continue developing as well as tour all over the world and again in America. The young women of SCANDAL stated they would like to do an expanded US tour and visit more places, if it were possible. They also expressed interest in going to England.

The Diva Review: “What advice would you give to young girls who are inspired by you to start a band?”

Vocalist Haruna answered, “In the beginning, even for us, we thought it would be difficult. We were thinking, ‘Will we be able to do this?’ ” She said that things may be difficult but one must continue on. The members of SCANDAL persevered and kept up with music, and that is the advice they offer; to keep going and do not give up.

Their new single, “Love Survive” is an upbeat, lively song they want people to draw power from. The song is meant to remind people to keep loving. They want those listening to feel love when they hear this song.

When asked how they stay energetic, drummer Rina answered, “We need a lot of delicious food.” While food gives the band the energy they need to bring out their voices, the attendees at their live shows give them the energy they need to perform. When they see smiling faces, it brings out SCANDAL’s energy!

The Diva Review: “How is a SCANDAL song born? What is your writing process? How do you come up with songs?”

Guitarist Mami stated, “We’ve been collaborating together, taking separate phrases from what each individual member comes up with. We bring it to the studio, and we pick out what we like in the sound. Since everyone comes up with something different, we all learn from each other. We try to create an atmosphere where it feels like it's a live, so we can pick up that atmosphere from the song. It’s also a really fun process, so we continue to do it.” They want their songs to be fun to perform live.

With their upcoming album “Baby Action,” the group mentioned wanting to project a more mature, adult image of themselves. They added all their own opinions to come up with the songs.

They said their most memorable concert experience outside of Japan was Sakuracon 2008 in Seattle, WA. It was a huge stage for them. It wasn’t just about the sound, but rather the fans that came to see them; becoming a part of SCANDAL. It was a great memory for the band.

Immediately following the press conference was a three-day passport holder-only meet and greet. The fans had been waiting outside since early in the morning and some may have been able to see into the glass room outside the pool area where the press conference was held. They had an opportunity to speak with the band in an intimate setting of small groups, rather than a large room for a panel. This meet and greet offered a unique experience for both fans to get close to their idols, as well as for SCANDAL to get closer to their fans.


~ Melissa Castor

Special Contributor for The Diva Review

July 4th, 2011


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Exclusive photos by Melissa Castor




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