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*sigh* So close, but yet so far... Chinaís biggest movie star, the amazing, fabulous and indestructible Andy Lau graced us with a brief email interview in support of his brilliant new action-packed film, Shaolin.  Putting us straight about the whole Jet Li/Shaolin Temple remake business, Mr. Lau lets us know what motivates him and finds time days before his half-century birthday to bless the men of the world with the key to staying sexy at age fifty.  Ladies, you can thank me later.

Dig it!



Andy Lau


The Lady Miz Diva:  I think the big question anyone who looks at your career must ask is, what is Andy Lau made of?  What is it that drives you to work so hard through injuries and make so many films, when at this stage in your career you really can afford to take it much easier?

Andy Lau:  I am made of passion for showbiz.  I feel lucky that I have the chance to turn my interests into a career.  I believe that people are always willing to spend more time and effort in areas that they are interested in.  I think working hard is the basic condition to accomplish my work.  I enjoy my work, acting and singing, where I am rewarded with satisfaction.


LMD:  What were your thoughts when you read the script of Shaolin and the arc of Hao Jie's story?  Were you at all hesitant to take a role in a remake and the comparisons it might bring?

AL:  First of all, I would like to clarify that this Shaolin movie is not a remake of Jet Liís Shaolin movie.  They are totally different stories with their own unique attraction.  Our story sets in the warlord period in 20th century when guns and cannons exist already.  No matter how good you are in kung fu, you canít confront bullets or bombs.  We donít take it as a major problem, but try to make a good balance.  So you can still find many wonderful fighting scenes with brilliant kung fu style in our movie.  In addition, our story is more about humanity.  It depicts on how a bad guy (Hao Jie) who is selfish and arrogant till he has been betrayed by his subordinate and lost everything, including his lovely daughter.  Furthermore, you can find some similarities like Hao Jieís encounters.  For example, in the real life, we struggle for our own good and sometimes hurt others without realizing that we are doing that.  This movie is quite enlightening.


LMD:  This year we are very happy to have Detective Dee opening the week before Shaolin in the US.  Last year, I had the pleasure of interviewing the martial arts star Bruce Leung for the critically acclaimed, Gallants, which you executive produced.  With this new visibility in Andy Lau films in the west, does that add more pressure to continue your hectic schedule both in front of and behind the camera?  Does it inspire you to promote more overseas and see your many non-Asian fans?

AL:  As I mentioned above, I love my job no matter being singer, actor or film producer.  Currently, I have produced about 16 films.  I used to have many ideas to contribute into filmmaking; therefore I decided to begin my filming producer career.  I feel lucky that I have these chances to participate in this career which I enjoy doing it so much.  I have no specific target to extend my career to particular markets, but I believe good movies can move a universal audience, east or west.  I do hope movies with my participation in any role can move more and more audience.


LMD:  You have a big birthday coming up.  Can you tell us what to expect from Andy Lau at age 50, and can you please give some words of advice to other 50-year-old men about how to stay as young, motivated and sexy as you? 

AL:  Age doesnít mean that much to me.  Itís just a number.  Keep healthy and enjoy your lives.  I think thatís the key to stay young and confident.


LMD:  One of the greatest concerts I ever saw was your Vision Tour in Atlantic City in 2005.  My life has not been the same since.  When will you make your American fans on the East Coast happy and perform or appear here again?

AL:  Thank you so much for your compliment and encouragement.  I hope my next concert in Atlantic City could be even better.  Letís wish together it would be coming soon.


LMD:  Thank you so much for your time today, Mr. Lau, and all your wonderful work.  We wish you a very happy birthday and many more years of happiness and success.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

Sept 6th, 2011




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Film stills courtesy of  Well Go/Variance


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