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Tokidoki at the New York City Comic Con 2010

Hey Boys and Girls, we were so pleased to run into our favourite designer of all things kawaii at the New York Comic Con, Tokidokiís wonderful and stylish Simone Legno. Because merely having a shop in SoHo and continuing collaborations with Hello Kitty werenít enough, since I saw Simone last, heíd made Sephora an even more dangerous place for my wallet and turned out Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Spidey himself in a new and funky partnership with Marvel Comics.  Simone spoke exclusively with The Diva Review to tell us whatís up and whatís coming up.

Dig it!

Simone Legno


The Lady Miz Diva:  Simone, since this is New York Comic Con, I wanted to ask about the new Marvel collection, which I love. How did that get started?

Simone Legno:  I was contacted by the people at Marvel, who decided they would like an interpretation and they would like to touch a new market for them, which are the people who buy Tokidoki.  People who always search for something new and something original and something letís say, well designed.  They wanted a different style and a different interpretation. When they asked I was very happy because like everybody when I was a kid growing up some of the million comics that I was reading were Marvel ones.  So theyíre iconic and everybody knows them and I love to redo something thatís really big and a pop icon.


LMD:  Will you be doing more with Marvel? Iíd love to see some of the women superheroes in your designs.

SL:  Yeah, exactly!  For the next season, Iíve done Storm and Rogue and some other super girls are coming, so yes!


LMD:  What else is happening with you? Whatís new?

SL:  Well, for this Comic Con we did a shirt for Street Fighter, with the Street Fighter characters.  Street Fighter was a favourite of mine when I was a kid, so when I was asked by them to do something, I was very happy.  Then Iím doing many things in my collection of cosmetics for Sephora.  I have to design their fall season by the end of this week. 


LMD:  So thereís more coming with Sephora?

SL:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We have to design Christmas, then we have to design next spring and summer with all new concepts and now Iím working on the fall.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

October 9th, 2010



Special thanks for Ivan & Pooneh Arnold for their kind arrangements and general fabulosity.




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Exclusive Photo by LMD

Product images courtesy of Tokidoki







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