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Since age 15, Lee Seungri has lived under the spotlight.  As the youngest member of seminal KPop gods, BIG BANG, Seungri {승리} was shot into the supernova of fame early, and became the idol of millions of the groupís devoted fans, or V.I.P.s.  Along with that celebrity came a microscope that revealed scandal and strife, some public, and some behind the scenes.

With YG FUTURE STRATEGY OFFICE, his first collaboration with NETFLIX, Seungri takes a humourous look at the workings and missteps of the world of YG Entertainment.  In an exclusive chat, Seungri spoke with LMD about the mockumentary, and idol life in general.

Dig it!






The Lady Miz Diva:  Seungri, YG FUTURE STRATEGY OFFICE marks the first time you are working with Netflix.  How does it feel to know your show will be seen in 190 countries around the world?

Seungri:  Iím happy to be working with Netflix.  They gave us a lot of work today; itís quite tough, but itís fun.  This is the first time I am doing a project with Netflix. 

I didnít understand much about filming movies, or dramas, or comedies.  But thatís why I did it; because I love comedy:  I trust -- I believe comedy has a different power.  Netflix is the hugest platform, so, I did it for the global platform.



S:  I donít know why, my chairman, YG, he just texted me, ďOk, tomorrow I have some meetings, so you should go there and have some fun.Ē  He just texted me like that.  So, I didnít yet understand what it meant when he texted me, ďYou should go and have some fun.Ē  I think he thought I would love it.

First of all, YG FSO, the main character was not me.  This projectís main character was my chairman, Yang Hyun-suk, originally.  I donít know why, but he told me that because I act like him, and I want to be like him; I think thatís why he told me, ďYou should go.  You go get the project.Ē


LMD:  For many years now, V.I.P.s have nicknamed you the Heir to YG, or Chairman Lee; I wonder if your reputation as a hard worker for YG Entertainment began all this?

S:  I like to work, actually, I am hard-working.  Maybe we {Seungri and Yang Hyun-suk} are similar?


LMD:  However, I get the impression that not everyone believes in your skills the same way?  Is that the main idea of the show?

S:  No, actually, we focus on YGís original story, but our focus is that everyone needs to understand our story; that it is not like just a KPop artistsí story.  This is not like a KPop artist group, super famous star story -- it is not like this.

Basically, I was a superstar in YG, but I messed up one time, I screwed up one time.  Thatís why, YG, he fires me.  My chairman fires me, and then Iím going to YG FSO.  Iím not the artist, Iím not the staff, Iím going just to be an advisor, thereís nothing.  YG FSO is under YG, but that crew is like shit.  Nothing.  You know what Iím talking about, right?


LMD:  Iím sure you know that fans use a term called the YG Dungeon, where YG artists might never be seen again.  So, now youíre the person in the YG Dungeon?

S:  Yes, the YG Dungeon.


LMD:  From the clip that Iíve seen, it seems like there are a lot of stars all throughout YG FSO.  Can you tell me how you interact with them?

S:  You know, actually, YG FSO, all the stories come out from me.  All the episodesí stories originally come from reality, so itís quite sensitive.  So, some YG artists, and some YG celebrities worried about YG FSO coming out, because weíre talking about some sensitive subjects.  Sometimes weíre talking about drug issues, sometimes were talking about accidents, do you know what Iím saying?


LMD:  There is so much conjecture and rumours that people have about YG Entertainment.  Will YG FSO disprove or confirm fansí speculation?

S:  Exactly, weíre talking about all the rumors.  Like, ďWhat happened to 2NE1?Ē  All the KPop fans that are going to be watching the show, theyíre going to be surprised.


LMD:  Wait, you just you just touched on a big subject to me.  Are we going to get answers to questions like what happened to 2NE1?

S:  I donít know.  Itís up to Netflix.  You should ask Netflix.

{Shortly after this interview, 2NE1ís Park Bom released an Instagram photo of herself filming YG FSO}



LMD:  YG FSO runs eight episodes and youíve finished shooting them all?

S:  Actually, our shooting was done earlier this year, in February.  Thatís quite a while ago, right?  So, we have a lot more new episodes right now, so we want to try to bring season two.  Weíre still working on it with Netflix, but nothing is confirmed.


LMD:  So, season one will end on a cliffhanger?  Thereís enough material for a season two?

S:  We just want to keep going ahead.  We want to talk with all the stars in YG FSO:  We can show them what happened to us.  Whatís going on in YG?  Whatís going on with me?  Whatís going on with BIG BANG, you know what I mean?  Because Netflix is the hugest platform.


LMD:  Your description of YG FSOís revealing premise makes me wonder if there was any push back, because subjects were too close?

S:  A lot, a lot.  I would fight with the director all the time, but always the director won.  Our director {Park Joon-soo} is the most famous fake documentary director.  He is the number one director of the reality-based comedies in Korea.


LMD:  Surely, there will be people watching YG FSO, who have never heard of YG Entertainment, or BIG BANG, or Seungri.  What would you like for those viewers to take away from YG FSO?

S:  In the story, I was a star, but my chairman, he just fired me, and Iím falling down, right?  But Iím trying to go back to my position; but in YG FSO crew, all the stupid people, I need to do all the projects with these people.  Because that is the YG FSO crew; all the stupid staff, everybody in those positions. 


LMD:  All the losers?

S:  Yeah, all the losers.  So, thatís why Iím the leader of YG FSO.  So, Iím still thinking Iím the star and all the crew was stupid, but Iím trying my best.  I trust the crew, and the crew all believes in me.  Itís like really similar to peopleís real lives. 

So, even people who donít know about YG, or donít know about BIG BANG, or Seungri Ė they donít care -- it doesnít matter, because this is all the peopleís life story:  I was good, but now Iím falling down and Iím nothing, but I want to go back.  Thatís why, step-by-step, going up, going up, but falling down again, then going up, going up, and falling down again; I think that will make people share that feeling and be closer.


LMD:  Your sense of humour is well known.  Do you find it the best way to touch upon difficult subjects, like in your music video for ďWhere Are You From?Ē

S:  Of course.  I trust the comedy power because Iíve been in BIG BANG, for 12 years already.  Iíve done such great performances.  I shot amazing music videos.  Iím wearing super cool suits.  Iíve done everything.  Now, I want to make people have fun, you know?  That is more powerful.


LMD:  I want to congratulate you because I understand you had your first sold-out solo tour.  How do you feel?

S:  Iím so happy watching that it was sold out.  Iím really happy to hear that.  But it was a lot of pressure because I am the only one member left from BIG BANG.  I know all the BIG BANG fans are so missing and want to see again all five members; so I did my best.  I tried to make a great stage, and a great set list.  So, Iím trying my best for our fans.

Actually, Iím going to the military service in the first half of next year.  Itís not confirmed, but it will be in the first half of next year.


LMD:  Please be careful, Seungri.

S:  I thought you saw the news.  Weíre doing great!  {Laughs}


LMD:  Well, you know you have a lot of VIPs here in New York City.  Is there any chance that youíll come and say goodbye before your service?

S:  Iíll try my best.  I should do that.


LMD:  You should bring Natural High, your DJ collective, here.

S:  Yeah, letís do it.  Letís do it.


LMD:  Seungri, please give a message to your international fans.

S:  Actually, we toured there a couple of times.  We couldnít that much touch with the global fans, right? Actually, I want to do more projects for the global fans.  I can speak English, Japanese, Chinese, you know what I mean?  So, BIG BANG is going to be more closer to the global fans.  I hope the global fans will keep supporting us, and we will keep reaching out to them.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

Sept. 30th, 2018




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Stills courtesy of  NETFLIX






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