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Yoshiki at SiriusXM Studios, NYC,

May 23rd, 2011



Hey Boys and Girls, what a night.  After a long series of close calls and near-misses, your ever-luvviní LMD was finally face-to-face with the single most important figure in Japanese rock history; the man, the myth, the very skinny, Yoshiki.  The leader of the legendary band, X Japan made an all-too-rare trip to our shores to celebrate the launch of his new monthly radio show as part of SiriusXMís The Boneyard.


The event was part promotion/part press call/part fan meet-and-greet, each stage of which Yoshiki faced like the pro he is.  Standing on the steps of the studio, speaking in his soft voice, Yoshiki gave us all of us an overview of how the radio show came to be. After a photo op, the perfectly-coiffed one answered more detailed questions during a press Q&A where LMD got to ask him about Yoshiki Radio:


The Lady Miz Diva:  Yoshiki, for a long time while you were living here in the U.S., we didnít hear from you.  Then suddenly in the last few years there was S.K.I.N., re-energizing X Japan, your own music on soundtracks (REPO, the Genetic Opera), your Hello Kitty collaboration, The Yoshiki Foundation charity, Asia Girls Explosion fashion line and now Yoshiki Radio.  What inspired you to emerge with so many projects?  What is the new Yoshiki?

Yoshiki:  Well, I lost a few important friends and also my father.  Life is too short.  I want to explore every single possibility I have.  Also, my fans encouraged me to live this way.  They encouraged me.


LMD:  Can you tell us a bit more about what to expect from Yoshiki Radio?  There is so much great rock coming from Japan now and from the past; will you be featuring Japanese music as well as Western acts?

Yoshiki:  I will be playing mainly rock music from throughout the world, but also it could be American rock and British rock.  At the same time, Iíll be introducing some new artists from Japan and some X Japan songs, some animation songs and Japanese culture, as well.  Itís a real combination, but rock heavy.

During another point in the conference, when asked about taking English classes, Yoshiki replied he had a private teacher because he couldnít go to class and ask how to pronounce Metallica, Slipknot and the Sex Pistols.

LMD:  Is that a preview of what weíre going to be hearing?

Yoshiki: {Laughs} Exactly!  Yes, exactly!  Actually, those are exactly some of my picks!


After the press conference, Yoshiki posed with every fan in attendance (- and one lucky LMD), and he was the epitome of grace, not merely satisfied to rush the fans through, he asked each person where they came from and tried to engage them in small talk.  Some came as far as Japan (- including one young lady who couldnít stand near or look at Yoshiki without sobbing hysterically) and others as near as downtown Manhattan.  Once press and photos were done, Yoshiki relaxed and mingled with his fans as waiters served sushi from Nobu (MORIMOTO!) and premium sake.


Western celebrities could learn a lot about fan appreciation and generosity from this gentleman whoís had more fame and adoration than many so-called ďstarsĒ can imagine.  It was an honour to meet him and we wish the reenergised Yoshiki all the best in his three million ventures, including Sirius XMís Yoshiki Radio.  Ganbatte!


Hereís our exclusive video, The Diva Review presents Yoshiki at Sirius XM, including a special message just for The Diva Review readers from Yoshiki himself, filmed by Oscar Matos and NYChan Media.

Yoshiki Radio, the hour-long monthly music show, launches on Friday, May 27th at 8pm ET on SiriusXM's The Boneyard, channel 38.


~ The Lady Miz Diva

May 26th, 2011


  Please enjoy our exclusive photos by Michael Latorre, Melissa Castor and The Lady Miz Diva.


Special Blessings to our Mighty DivaCrew members, Michael Latorre, Melissa Castor and Oscar Matos for capturing the moments!


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Exclusive photos by Michael Latorre, Melissa Castor and The Lady Miz Diva.


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