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2007 Archive



Hey, cats and kittens, Happy Monday to ya. Your beloved pachyderm has been head over trunk with all sorts of New York Film Festival fun (- all to be revealed in coming days), but here something a little less local I thought you’d enjoy. From our San Francisco Goddesses, some news regarding that fabulous anime Death Note (- click on title for our review). The live action version of Death Note has just been licensed by Viz for theatrical distribution in the US. 

Both films were directed by Shusuke Kaneko, who has previously helmed the two best Kaiju (- Japanese Monster) films ever made (- excluding a certain 1954 event, obvs.), 1995’s Gamera, Guardian of the Universe, and 2001’s Godzilla, Mothra & King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. Serious pedigree, y'all.

Both films have played as a double feature in Austin, TX, and Vancouver, BC, will be the lucky city that gets to see the first film next on November 1-4, at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. So, dolls, we’ll be fortunate enough to view the original film, and its sequel, Death Note: The Last Name, on our shores soon. Each one has been won awards and been wildly successful in Japan.

Here’s some advance pics of the leads, Tatsuya Fujiwara, (- from Battle Royale, MG’s 3rd favourite film, ever!) who plays Light in the film, and Kenichi Matsuyama, (- So adorable as the hapless student smitten with Bae Doo-na in Linda Linda Linda {click on that title for our review and for more pics of Kenichi}) who plays the mysterious "L".   

This should be a blast. I hope it swings near the Temple soon! 

MG - 10.8.07

Hey Kids,

As many of you know, MG is a gigantic fan of a certain series of books about a particular student enjoying life in the UK Boarding School system. It is with great joy that I refer you to http://www.jkrowling.com to take a look at October's Wizard of the Month.

Hint: I still say the scar goes in the middle of the forehead! Otherwise, quite a sweet rendering.

I wonder if it's the last WotM we'll have? The thought makes me trunk all sniffly ...

MG - 10.10.07

Hola Dahlinks,

I'm overjoyed to relate some happenings on the site. At long last the doors of our FilmStarrr Celebrity Interview page have opened and greeting you is the fabulous face of Sir Anthony Hopkins. Whee!!

Also, we've added our review of Brotherhood Season Two under TV Addict (Yee! Luscious Malfoy!), and Control, the biography of Joy Division's Ian Curtis, The Darjeeling Limited, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, all added under Movie Reviews. Tons of gorgeous photos of all. Click on the titles to be instantly transported.

Luv it!

MG - 10.29.07

Greetings Babies,

I'm thrilled to say that Christmas has arrived early at the shrine. Our gift came due to a certain deity from Long Beach, California, who was kind enough to gift us with the Greatest Music Video ever made. Please rush thy boo-tocks over to Groove Me (- by clicking here) on the Listen, Hear page and partake of MG's pimp cup of joy!

Luv, Luv, Luv It!

MG - 11.30.07


Hey Babies, your old pal MG has barely had a second to put up the trunk.  The fabulous folks at the 1st Annual New York Anime Festival were kind enough to invite us to partake of their happy shindig this past weekend at the Jacob Javits Center. Having gone missing since Friday afternoon, we have finally returned to the shrine broke(-r), exhausted and ecstatic. We were honoured to have met one of the American Pioneers of Anime, Speed Racer himself (- and Racer X – woohoo!), Peter Fernandez, and the fabulous voice behind SR’s Trixie and Spritle (- and Snuggle, the Fabric Softener bear), Ms. Corinne Orr. We visited with Unicorn Table, that adorable JPop duo, and talked guns guns guns with iconic Japanese action god Ryuhei Kitamura’s No. 1 military advisor and battle action coordinator, Yasuhiro Koshi. But beyond all what made the Anime Fest so much fun was the gawjuss boys and girls who really got into the spirit of things and dressed for the occasion. For your glorious ever-luvin’ elephant head to walk around ungawped at was pure bliss. I fit right in!  (- Except that people thought I was a character from an Anime...)

In fantastic (- and sometimes funny) sartorial splendour, here are some of the gorgeous creatures that made for such a fun weekend.

Those cute kids from Unicorn Table

Yasuhiro Koshi - A man so lethal even his cute little Xmas tree can kill you!

Those cute kids from Unicorn Table one mo' again

Corinne Orr & Peter Fernandez, A.K.A. Trixie & Speed

Go, Pete & Corinne, Go!!


Much well-mannered frivolity was had by all. This is only the festival's first year and while they certainly have room to grow, I look forward to next year's event.

MG - 12.10.07



Hey Babies, much Holiday Merriment brewing in the temple these days, including this fun new contest.  

There’s been quite a bit of buzz about the new JJ Abrams film, Cloverfield. Well, the good folks at Paramount Pictures have designed a contest whereby your Ever-Luvin’ Elephant Head and up to 30 shrine visitors could win an exclusive advance screening in the city of our choice (- Tokyo, here we come! Just kidding. Not really. Well, we can hope...)

So, enjoy this exclusive peek at the film, then click on "Grab This" at the bottom right of the widget, and get your friends, relatives, pets and random strangers to grab it also, and 30 of us may get to be the first to see Cloverfield! Check our progress and the official rules here and have fun!


 MG - 12.14.07

Here He Comes…

Hey, cats and chicks, more happening movie news on the horizon. As you know, the only thing your beloved pachyderm cherishes more than our daily ration of peanuts is anime. We luvs, we luvs! Therefore, it was with a slightly dubious twinge that we greeted the announcement of a live action version of the Godfather of All Anime, Mach-Go-Go, known on Western shores as Speed Racer. However, once we discovered that it was being helmed by the Brothers (?!) Wachowski and featured some brilliant casting (- Christina Ricci as Trixie? - Yay! ) gave us hope (- I'll reserve judgment on Scott Wolf as the immortal Racer X. Personally, I would've preferred Sawyer - j/k).

Now, having watched the ripping new trailer for the live-action film bursting with comic book colours and over the top action - and the Mach 5 – we are firmly in the pit for this one.  

Here’s the poster.


And here's the trailer in Quicktime

Go Speed Go!!

and for Windows Media:

Demon on Wheels








Courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures

MG - 12.18.07

PS: Endless Birthday Blessings to the Glorious Goddess Who Hatched Yon Elephant-Head Many Moons Ago! Wuvs ya, M.A.B.!






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