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2010 Archive

Site Update - Jan. 8. 10

Hey kiddies, the first Site Update of 2010 and we’re already having so much fun. So many things on the near horizon to bring you, so much good stuff bubbling in our psychedelic little cauldron that I better start working out to keep up with it all.  The muscles on my elbows are growing as we speak.

How better to start the decade than with the Lady Miz Diva’s perfect man (1958 Edition). Happy Elvis’ 75th Birthday, y’all. Memphis Mafioso, close friend and bodyguard, Jerry Schilling graced us with an exclusive chat about that boy from Tupelo.


Kids, I’m so excited, as we speak, there is DivaCrew in the air. Agents K & J are on special super-ninja duty and are on their way to infiltrate X! Dunno what that means? Tighten up and listen keenly, children as you click on the boX below.


Here’s a little movie goodness to look forward to in 2010:






Jan. 8th, 2010



Site Update - Jan. 15. 10


Hey Kids! See? Already we’re making with all the fun. Yours truly had her third round of joy after a tri-umphant chat with site heartthrob and international potty-mouth, James McAvoyMmmcAvoy brought along the brilliant Paul Giamatti to discuss their latest film, The Last Station.




We are overjoyed to feature a review of Jackie Chan’s The Spy Next Door by esteemed author of THE COMPLETE MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE DOSSIER and martial arts aficionado, Patrick J. White.


And finally, we are graced beyond measure to have Kara White and Joe Gago’s exclusive, behind-the-scenes report on the legendary Japanese rock band X-Japan making their historic first appearance on US shores. Click on the banner to go to Hollywood Boulevard with Agents K & J and X!





Jan. 15th, 2010



Site Update - Mar. 20. 10


Hey y'all, more good things to report.

We had the joy of speaking with one of our dearest icons.  Guitar-slinging Rock Goddess, Ms. Joan Jett chatted with us about the film based on her early years, The Runaways. Stars Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, along with Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon and director/screenwriter Floria Sigismondi also gave us their input about reenacting those wild times.

 Click on the fabulous ladies below to go to the interview.


We also have a couple of movie reviews for ya.


More fun to come, Dolls.




Mar. 20th, 2010



Site Update - May 3. 10


Well kids, how busy we’ve been of late.  The Tribeca Film Festival has just pulled up stakes and all the simultaneous cinematic goodness has convinced us that cloning is the only option for next year.

There’ll be more on that soon, but in the meanwhile, I have a new contributor to brag about.  Our friend and DivaCrew member, Tony Yao has consented to add to our coffers with his thoughts on the latest chapter in the über-violent action video game series, God of War.  Who knew Greek mythology could be so gory?


We had a lovely chat with director Don Hahn and producer Peter Schneider of the revealing Disney documentary, Waking Sleeping Beauty.




We had got to bask in the brilliance of artist and director Michel Gondry as he discussed his documentary The Thorn in the Heart.





And we’ve got a few of these to show for ourselves.


More soon, chicks.




May 3rd, 2010



Site Update - June 5. 10


Hey All, special note as it’s nearly Japan Day and there’s two, count ‘em two great JRock shows happening in NYC for the occasion. One show features Uzuhi & Noirceur veterans of The Diva Review, appearing on our JRock in the USA panel last year.  Try and pack in as much Eastern-flavoured insanity as you can and make a mad dash between them both.

All the excitement of New York Asian Film Festival hosted by our dear friends at Subway Cinema is almost upon us, so start ordering tickets to the most fun reading subtitles you’ll ever have.



In TDR News (and there is some!) , because the weather here hasn’t been hot enough, being in the charming presence of Mr. Colin Farrell once more didn’t make things any cooler. Sit in for our chat with the man who’s, “too hairy for Japan” and director Neil Jordan for their fractured fairy tale, Ondine.


 We also had the extreme pleasure of once again chatting with one of the last of the real honest-to-goodness movie stars about his latest film, Harry Brown. What's it all about? Ask Sir Michael Caine.  




Look, Movie Reviews!


 Lastly, in honour of Japan Day in NYC, here’s a little of the good stuff LMD’s been digging from the Land of the Rising Sun.


More fun arriving very soon, y'all.




June 5th, 2010



Site Update - June 9. 10

Toldja there was fun stuff on its way, kids.

We are very excited and honoured to host a very special event with a bona fide JRock superstar.

Miyavi is making his first concert appearance in New York City's Irving Plaza on June 27th. In celebration, The Diva Review will be hosting A Neo Tokyo Samurai in New York: A Conversation with Miyavi on Saturday, June 26th at Kinokuniya Bookstore.

In an exclusive live interview, Miyavi will talk about what it means to play in New York City after over a decade of success in Japan, his music, his fans, as well as life as a new CEO and his future.  He has also graciously agreed to play one song acoustically during the talk, making A Neo Tokyo Samurai in New York: A Conversation with Miyavi his New York City performance debut.

10 lucky audience members will also win the opportunity to meet Miyavi and receive an autograph from him during a special raffle.

Click on the button below to go to our contest page for details and your chance to win a pair of extremely limited tickets.

Winners will be notified on Sunday, June 20th, 2010. 




June 9th, 2010



Site Update - June 20. 10


The sweepstakes for A NEO TOKYO SAMURAI IN NEW YORK: A CONVERSATION WITH MIYAVI is now over and the winners have been notified by email. Thank you all so much for entering.

 If you didn’t win the sweepstakes, you still have a chance to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event.  We’ve put some space aside for true MIYAVI die-hards.  Just come to Kinokuniya Bookstore after 5PM on Saturday June 26th showing off your MIYAVI luv.  Work your fabulous MIYAVI cosplay, break out ingenious signs, or MYV-inspired tattoos and you might be chosen to join us for the interview and exclusive song performance.

 Are you ready to rock?   

He is.




June 20th, 2010



Site Update - July 14. 10

Hey bebes, LMD needed time in the burn unit after being scorched not only by this disgusting summer, but also by the collective hotness of Miyavi, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Simon Yam and … Sammo?  Besides our amazing live interview event with the Neo Tokyo Samurai, we attended two of the foremost Asian film festivals running in NYC, Subway Cinema’s New York Asian Film Festival, where we got to chat with Simon Yam, Sammo Hung and "The Beast" of Kung Fu Hustle, Bruce Leung, but also the Japan Society’s Japan Cuts film fest where we had the best time speaking to our beloved Battle Royale's Boy #15, himself, Light Yagami, I mean, Tatsuya Fujiwara.

The Man, the Myth, the Dai Go Dai, himself, Mr. Sammo Hung.

The Masterpiece. Award winning actor & star of Election and Sha Po Lang, Simon Yam.

The right guy to walk down a dark alley with; HK action star, Kung Fu Hustle's Bruce Leung.

Can't put a collar on him; Battle Royale and Death Note's Tatsuya Fujiwara.

 And because we can’t get enough of Asian film festivals, we’ll be at one of our favourite fetes: The Asian American International Film Festival starting July 15th.  The AAIFF is a great showcase for both major and indie films and names you’ll soon be seeing in lights. Also, these folks know how to throw a shindig like nobody else, so you might not see LMD for a while after this report. In such hopes, let me leave you with some goodies before I disappear into a martini glass.


Some reviews for youse: 






July 14th, 2010



Special Note

Hey kids, my dear friends over at Samurai Beat Radio are hosting a really cool event on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 at Kinokuniya Bookstore, with Childhood, the unique musicians on the Ponyo and Lupin soundtracks. Come by for some from fun straight from Japan if you can!




Site Update - Oct 26. 10


Hey Boys and Girls, I know it’s been ages since you’ve seen black leather hide or technicolour hair of LMD. Bad Miz Diva, but there’s just been so much happening I don’t know where to begin, so let’s dive in, shall we?

The Squint and Me:  Clint ... Eastwood Click here to read about The Man With No Name himself turning the world’s most famous crow’s feet my way to chat about his new movie, Hereafter.  Jason Bourne – a.k.a. Matt Damon was there to keep the peace.

New York Comic Con:  And all the fun and frivolity therein. After a year’s hiatus, the New York Comic Con returns this time armed with the New York Anime Fest as a wingman. Click on our Happenings page to see all the beautiful ones.

Click here to read our interview with stars Eric Bana, Saoirse Ronan and director Joe Wright giving us advance word on their girlie assassin action thriller Hanna.

Click here for our chat with the ladies of the ABC TV sci-fi sensation, V; Morena Baccarin and the original queen of guinea pigs and red PVC, Diana herself, Jane Badler

We also caught up with our favourite purveyor of all things Euro-Kawaii, Mr. Simone Legno of Tokidoki. Click here to read our exclusive interview.

Rounding out the Comic Con/Anime Fest madness was the momentous arrival of the biggest band in Asia.  X-Japan thundered onto a New York stage of the first time in history and LMD was there to give you the breakdown. Click here to read all the drama.

We are so proud to show off the fine video skills of our contributor Ms. Kara White with her follow up to her X-Japan in Hollywood report.

We also had the joy of early holidays with the folks from Walt Disney Pictures who were kind enough to share 20 minutes of Daft Punk (!!!)-infused goodness for their clips of Tron Legacy

But while you're waiting until the Dec 17th release date here's a bit of Daft Punk-inated goodness from their Tron Legacy soundtrack

I also got to see a rough cut of Disney's 50th animated feature. the Rapunzel retell, Tangled.  It was an unfinished piece but I’m already readying a slot on my Oscar Pool for it. I'm going with Maximus the horse for Best Actor and either Pascal the chameleon or the frying pan for Best Supporting.

And yes, there've actually been some Movie Reviews:

Phew, that's a lot of catch-up, and there’s more on deck, sweets. Like words from these people.

So stay tuned.


Oh, and we joined Twitter. So be sweet little lemmings and follow us woncha?

Follow TheDivaReview on Twitter




Oct. 26th, 2010


Glorious Things -

2010 Edition

Here ye, Here ye, the court’s in session, now here comes the judge.  It’s that time again, chitlins.  We once again tip our chapeaus to the things of highest Fabulosity of the year and summarily take a few bits from the other side of the coin and squish them under our kitten-heeled go-go boot.  Babies and Gentleferns, I give you Glorious Things 2010 …



Black Swan:  Kafka for girls.  Disturbing and surreal, Darren Aronofsky’s look at one young woman’s quest for perfection performs a flawless pas de deux between edge-pushing campy Grand Guignol and the haunting psychological horror films of the 60’s and 70’s.  I’ll never look at ballet or water fowl the same way again.


Kick Ass: Raw, gritty and gory as a Japanese horror film and as hip and cross-cultural as anything dreamed up by Quentin Tarantino, director Matthew Vaughn’s riot of fun and violence gains singular laurels in the comic fanboy hall of fame.


The Fighter:  The headline might be Christian Bale’s transformation into a has-been crackhead boxer, but the real contendah is Melissa Leo as Bale’s and Donnie Wahlberg’s helmet-headed, tough-as-nails manager mom.



Tangled: Truly a new classic. Delightful, smart and utterly entertaining, Tangled rates alongside Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and one of my personal favourites, Mulan for best Disney Princess film.



Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:  Oh the fun! Edgar Wright’s fresh, hilarious and effortlessly cool adaptation of the popular graphic novel speaks at last to the nerds, geeks, freaks and otaku in the audience.



Ip Man:  Yeah, I know it’s two years old, but it’s finally been released here so lets give this brilliant kung fu classic featuring modern martial arts cinema’s brightest star, Donnie Yen the due it deserves.




Clint Eastwood, Zhang Yimou, Harrison Ford, Robert Duvall, Joan Jett, Matt Damon, Sammo Hung, Bill Murray, Joe Wright, Kristen Stewart, Simon Yam, Sissy Spacek, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Paul Giamatti, Michael Shannon and second helpings of Sir Michael Caine, Bong Joon-ho, James MmmcAvoy, Colin Farrell and Woody Allen make it hard to choose just one Glorious interview.  So take your own pick at FilmStarrr.



Miyavi’s New York Debut:  My chat at Kinokuniya with one of the most innovative, talented and engaging rising stars of international music on the eve of his New York City concert debut was a huge highlight of the year.  I’m still shocked to think the first note he ever played in NYC belonged to The DivaCrew and a few hundred very lucky winners and press at our venue. Sweetness.


Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk: Ranks up there with the greatest scores ever recorded and I’m not just saying that cos I luvs me some Daft and Punk.  The music is so much a part of the action it oughtta have a starring credit.

Creature Creature’s Inferno: The timeless Morrie croons his way around the Jrock/Visual Kei whippersnappers who totally owe him royalties for their existence to show ‘em how it’s done, son.  Now if only we could bring this metal-kissed brilliance to the US…




Just like in our 2008 edition, it’s Bleach again. What can I say?  Only that it’s the closest thing to epic Greek poetry since The Odyssey.  This surreal spider’s web of heroism, subterfuge, betrayal, lies, good, evil, life, death and all the meaning therein hit some amazing highs as Ichigo and company’s battle against the psycho super genius Sosuke Aizen seemingly draws to a close. 

In the smartest thing Viz has done for a while, subtitled episodes can be found the same day as their Japanese release on Hulu.  No longer do fans have to wait excruciating amounts of time only to suffer through the US dub's careless and lazy mangling of Japanese names and indistinct, indifferent voice acting.  Feel free to bask in the glow of the exemplary original seiyuu.  Sugoi desu ne?


Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Thrilling, scary and brilliant… and now with less Scar! Here’s a retelling that outdid its original.  All the best aspects of the 2003 Full Metal Alchemist series come together along with FUNimation’s respectful translations and excellent voice cast to stick closer to author Hiromu Arakawa’s 2001 manga to give the fans exactly what they want this time around.





Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter:  Of all the books we’ve read this year this one takes it all.  Loosed from the corsets of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame-Smith constructs a more original tale around that turns our sixteenth president into an undead-slaying badass while taking an adroit, ingenious look at the origins of slavery and the Civil War. Ex-cellent. Thanks for this, Miss Kali.



TV Spots

Kia Soul - The Choice is Yours:  Giant mutant hamsters boogieing down to Black Sheep.  Rick James once said, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug," and clearly so is acid.  


Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like: It would take something this original and cheeky to get within sniffing distance of OS’s 2007 Bruce Campbell campaign.



This is The New

Well, hardly... As technologically lackadaisical as we are, we still managed after many pitchforks waved in our direction to finally put up our own YouTube Channel


And yes … Twitter.

Follow TheDivaReview on Twitter

What’s next, a Facebook page?


Glorious Thanks

To our DivaCrew, that amazing consortium of muses and geniuses who bless us and our ridiculous fancies with their brilliance and support.  Wendy, Oscar, Cynthia, Tiffany, Kana, John C., Narina, David H, A-Key, Kara, Vivian, Zlade, Melissa C, Gosha, E.J., Nelson, Kane, Youko Sunshine, Amedeo, Anthony, Le-ak, Andrew, Kathy, Yume, John M., Toshiyuki Ishige, Seung Chul Lee.  We are humbled by your grace and will work in 2011 to be worthy of it.


Raw Emotion

The Passing of Teena Marie: The loss a few days ago of Lady T affected us deeply.  She started her career as an oddity; a white girl with real soul signed to Motown records to endure to become a true R&B icon who gave us classics like It Must Be Magic, Square Biz, Portuguese Love, Behind the Groove, Ooh La La La, Fire & Desire and If I Were a Bell amongst so many others.  I was fortunate to have seen Teena Marie play live and so blessed to have met her after the show and felt her tremendous life force which just emanated from her tiny (“Five foot one, a hundred pounds of fun,”), mighty frame.  I’ll never forget the words of an African-American gentleman who stood next to me in a button-down shirt and tie, who like everyone else in the packed crowd was wrapped up in Lady T’s powerful web.  He exclaimed to no one in particular, “That is the coolest white woman that ever lived.”  Rest well, Starchild.


Watering Holes

PuckFair: Still our beloved local and despite (and maybe more so because of) some changes in staff, lovely barkeep Sean Paul has picked up the fallen Pink Spider martini glass and made it even deadlier.

Hudson Hotel - Library Bar: The entire hotel is buried in the midtown rush so look for the raging flames overhead and wander through the nearly pitch black lobby (all the easier to pretend I didn’t see you and you didn't see me) to the artfully tweedy sanctum sanctorum of books over every high ceilinged space and gorgeous, friendly staff who really like to watch customers get drunk.


And as always, with the Glam and the Glorious comes the foul and the funky (Not in the good way), this time we’ve limited our venom to our more trying cinematic experiences and this year we had a bumper crop to choose from. Here are the junkyard standouts.


Fail and Fail and Fail


The Last Airbender: Absolutely rantworthy how terrible on so many levels this one is. This cartoon adaptation that became a lightning rod for discussions about when a filmmaker should do the right thing and not the safe thing. Shame on you, Shymalan.


[Rec 2]: Speaking of shame, this follow-up to the success of 2007’s [Rec] has none. This craven, inferior money grab besmirches any good memory of its sire.


Eat Pray Love: This cockeyed ode to utter selfishness masquerading as a feminist manifesto is the perfect film for the narcissist in your life.


Sex and the City 2:  Horrible on nearly the same levels of Last Airbender and [Rec 2]. A film designed solely to take advantage of the wholly deserved success of its original with its ridiculous storyline, a blatant long-form commercial for Abu Dhabi tourism. Yes, because the many gay men and straight ladies who piled in to see the first film would love to visit a place where homosexuality is still a prisonable offense and woman are required to be covered nearly head to toe – in the desert.  Grotesque.

Dinner for Schmucks: Nothing spells comedy gold like making fun of retarded people.


Clash of the Titans (A.K.A. Bubo’s Revenge): Ray Harryhausen’s spinning in his grave and he isn’t dead!


Remember Me: A sweet, well-acted love story that in its last ten minutes transforms into one of the most offensive films you’ll see all year.


So there ya go, kids, not the best year ever, but far better upon reflection than whence originally experienced. I am all positivity and excitement that 2011 will hold all things bright, fun and fabulous and Deity willing, your ever luvvin’ LMD will bring you the point, the scam, the low, the deal. What you feel, say what?


Stay healthy, Stay safe, and most of all ...

Stay Fabulous, babies.



~ Luv from The Lady Miz Diva and everyone at The Diva Review.



 ~ L.M.D.

Dec. 31st, 2010 




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