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Past Contests - Expired


The Diva Review is proud to present an exclusive live event with Japanese rock superstar, Miyavi.


Please join us for A NEO TOKYO SAMURAI IN NEW YORK: A CONVERSATION WITH MIYAVI, hosted by The Lady Miz Diva Vélez, Saturday, June 26th at Kinokuniya Bookstore, 1073 Avenue of the Americas.  A celebration on the eve of his New York City concert debut at Irving Plaza on June 27th, Miyavi will sit for a live interview before a select number of press and fans.  Then, in an exclusive only for this event, Miyavi will perform one acoustic song for those in attendance. 

10 lucky fans in the audience will also be selected in a special raffle to meet Miyavi personally and receive his autograph.

 Click on the Miyavi logo below for your chance to win a pair of an extremely limited number of tickets.  Sweepstakes is open to Miyavi fans that are able to attend the event.  Please do not enter if you cannot attend.  Limit one entry per person.  Two tickets will be awarded to winners chosen at random.  Please submit your name, home address, phone number and whether you need 1 or 2 tickets.  All winners must present identification to be admitted.  Names will be checked at the door.  Sweepstakes ends June 20th. Winners will be notified by email.


Admission to the event begins at 7:30PM; with the live interview to start at 8PM.

 If you don’t win tickets through the sweepstakes, The Diva Review will also be handing out a small number of tickets to those fans who come to Kinokuniya showing their luv for Miyavi.  You don’t have to be there first or longest, but you do have to be outstanding.  Signs, Miyavi cosplay, elaborate MYV-ish tattoos; if you’ve got hardcore Miyavi luv, it might get you in.

Good luck!



By entering the sweepstakes, you give consent to be photographed and appear on camera and in promotions for the entities involved. You also agree to adhere to all event rules as laid out in winner’s notice and during the course of event. Sweepstakes and event are subject to change, cancellation or revocation without prior notice or compensation.


The Diva Review is proud to present an exclusive live event with groundbreaking Japanese rock legends, Dir En Grey.

Please join us for Average Blasphemy: A Conversation with Dir En Grey, hosted by The Lady Miz Diva Vélez, Tuesday, November 10th at Kinokuniya Bookstore, 1073 Avenue of the Americas.

Participation to this event is by invitation only. Sweepstakes is open to Dir En Grey fans that are able to attend the event.

Admission to the event, a celebration of Dir En Grey’s three-night engagement at Blender Theater at Gramercy and their new DVD compilation, Average Blasphemy, begins at 7PM; with the panel to start at 8PM with an autograph session to follow.

All winners must present identification to be admittedNames will be checked at the door


Please do not enter the sweepstakes if you will not be able to attend the event in New York City.

Sweepstakes ends November 7th at 9PM..

The contest is now over we will be notifying winners on Sunday, November 8th and posting their names on the site.

The Diva Review Presents: Average Blasphemy: A Conversation with Dir En Grey

Sweepstakes Winners:

Albert Sanders
Alexandra Pigeon
Alice Yuan
Amy Kit O'Deay
April Goehrke
Ashley Frye
Ashley Watson
Barry Che Yan Ho
Brittany Boccio
Cameron Vaughan
Caragh Barry
Caroline Massey
Cassandra Cartagena
Christine Lim
Crystal Faunt
Cynthia Martinez
David Rodriguez
Eden McFarland
Eiko Yoshioka
Erica Bennett
Fusako Ishizuka
Jamie Williams
Jeneat Barrow
Jennifer Chen
Jerry Ashcroft
Jessica Lewis
Joel Ceballos
Joseph A. Gago Jr
Joshua Hawkins
Jun Takeshita
Kaitlyn Lampe
Karen Simon
Katie Krogstad
Kimberly Chen
Lauren Harsley
Lauren Maddox
Lauren Salas
Leia Radtke
Ling Sherri Lu
Lucille Gonzalez
Mari Orita
Mary Mastin
Melanie Goldcamp
Micaella Zygman
Michelle Wiltz
Nasa Ikeda
Nicola Szokalska
Pia Sawhney
Regina Firayner
Richard A Hill
Rieko Niino
Ruben Santana
Sandy Rivera
Sara Rosberg
Sarah Baumgart
Sarah Lin
Shinobu Murakami
Sonny Velasquez
Sophie Wachsmuth
Tabitha Smith
Tallas Sandy
Tang Qi
Tania Biswas
Teresa Topham
Tristan D. Shelton
Yuzuru Kobayashi
Zhanyi Jiang

Thanks for entering!

By entering the sweepstakes, you are giving consent to be photographed and appear on camera and in promotions for the entities involved.  The event is a live interview and autograph opportunity; Dir En Grey will NOT be performing.  Each winner will receive an email notification with details and rules for the event which every attendee is subject to.  Sweepstakes and event are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice or compensation.


~ November 3rd, 2009 - updated Nov. 7th, & 8th 2009




YAY!  Our first contest of the year! We're so overjoyed that we’re awarding the amped-up Dragon Dynasty 2-Disc Ultimate Edition of the Jackie Chan / Michelle Yeoh epic, SUPERCOP as our first prize.  Put on your thinking caps and click on the link below to send in your entries.






1)   Name the two other stars who were known as the Three Dragons of Hong Kong martial arts films along with Jackie Chan. These two trained and grew up in the same Peking Opera school with Jackie.


2)   Name the film featured on this site starring Jaycee Chan, Jackie’s son.


3)   Name the two actresses who co-starred with Michelle Yeoh as two-thirds of the Heroic Trio.


4)   Give the title of a Jackie Chan film that starred each of those two actresses from Heroic Trio.  (i.e., one actress – one title = two different Jackie Chan films)


5)   Jackie Chan isn’t the only one known for dangerous stuntwork: On which film did Michelle Yeoh crack a vertebra after falling 18 feet and landing on her head? {- It’s okay, she’s fine.}



Not too tough, ne?  Please scroll down to the rules and regulations to be sure you’re eligible to play, then click here to submit your entry.  Bonne chance, babies!


Click Here to Enter!


Contest ends Feb. 9th, 2009 - Midnight EST


Special thanks to Dragon Dynasty & Special Ops Media for the prize.



Eragon/Eldest: Like Dragons?  Well, get two for the price of (n)one in this omnibus edition of Christopher Paolini’s first two entries in his Inheritance Cycle so generously donated by the wonderful folks at Random House. All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

1)      Name the greatest Dragon in Japanese Kaiju film history and three films he’s been in.  Totally subjective, but if you’ve been reading this site, you’ll know who I mean.

2)      Angela, the witch character of the Inheritance Cycle has a companion. What is its name and type of creature is it?

A)     A werewolf   B) A cat  C) A dragon  D) A werecat  E) A ferret

3)      One of the most beautiful cinematic dragons was actually created for a surprisingly violent live-action Disney film.  Name the film that also starred a Peer of the British Realm.


The first correct answer gets the Eragon/Eldest omnibus.

Click here to submit your answers


James Brown:  I Got the Feelin' DVD sets:  Yes, babies, we’re handing you the 3-DVD box set of the Godfather of Soul in the 60’s.  The sets (generously donated by the awesome folks at Shout Factory) include the documentary The Night James Brown Saved Boston, a concert disc of the GFoS Live at Boston Garden and JB Live at the world famous Apollo Theatre in New York.  Also included are extra performances including a clip from James Brown’s iconic 1964 performance on the T.A.M.I show.  Here’s the quiz.

1)      Which upstart British band said that following James Brown at the 1964 TA.M.I. Show was the biggest mistake of their lives?

2)      “Night Train” was the favourite workout song of which legendary boxing champion?

3)      Name the title and position of James Brown’s highest charting Billboard Hot 100 single.

Click here to submit your answers


My Blueberry Nights DVD:  Heavens to Wong Kar-Wai (- who graciously allowed us an exclusive interview here!),  thanks to the kindness of the good folks at Special Ops Media we actually have a copy of the legendary Hong Kong director's latest opus, starring Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and Norah Jones.  All you’ve gotta to do grab one is answer these queries.

1)      Name both the international singing star who made her debut and the legendary Hong Kong actress who made her film exit in WK-W’s Chungking Express.

2)      What is the name of the fictional detective WK-W wants to bring to the screen with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in the starring role?

3)      Name the martial arts figure Wong Kar-Wai is filming his next project about and that person’s most famous student.


The first correct answer grabs the pie.

Click here to submit your answers


All contests end Nov. 17th, 2008 - Midnight EST

Okay, here’s the rules:  The contest is only open to those with a shipping address in the lower 48 United States (no outlying territories).  Contestant may enter multiple times, but only one prize will be awarded per one winner/winning household; (i.e.  If you place entries for two different prizes and win both, one entry will be discarded at our choice).  A winner will be chosen at random in the case of multiple winning entries.  Winner will be notified via email.  Postal shenanigans: We will ship prizes by US Post within 10 days of claiming a winner.  We bear no responsibility for the condition of your prize: Prize is sent as was received by donor.  We are not responsible if the prize goes missing, is damaged, is misaddressed, or any other mishaps.  Winning a prize gives us permission to use your name onsite.





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