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We came away from our privileged audience with the brilliant, bold, insightful, delightful Sugizo wiser, more worldly (- and definitely much warmer) than when we went in.  The founder of the legendary rock band Luna Sea and a successful solo artist in his own right, Sugizo made a rare appearance in New York City as part of the electronic trance group Juno Reactor and graced Gotham with a concert it wonít soon forget.  Dig our chat with the JRock legend  and god of sexy six (& four & eighteen) stringed things who imparted his thoughts on the amazing Juno Reactor, courting controversy with open activism, sex (!) and S.K.I.N.




The Lady Miz Diva: Watching you at the Juno Reactor concert last night, I could see so many different influences in your playing, Dick Dale, ska, funk, Duane Eddy, metal, all of those styles during the show. After the concert, I spoke to Ben Watkins and said "Sugizo looked like someone whoís been freed," and he said ďExactly! Thatís what I want.Ē Do you feel like you have the freedom with Juno Reactor to play whatever you wanted to play and do whatever you wanted to do?

Sugizo:  I donít know, itís very my natural thing. Itís very natural. Of course Ben is a very serious musician, usually he wants more high quality and more big energy from music. Usually his request is very difficult for us, but I can feel this freedom from this type of music. Also, last nightís show, we had so much free time, free session time, free jam time on the stage, itís awesome.


LMD: It sounded like one long jam session.

S:  Exactly!


LMD: Being new to Juno Reactor, I had to ask Ben if all the songs were actually tracks from the CD, or was it one big gorgeous jam session? He said, ďThey are tracks from the CD, but I wanted it to feel like a jam sessionĒ.

S:  Jam session is the most important element for music, I think, on the stage. Like communication, like sex, very important. Junoís CD is just Ben Watkinsí work.  Of course, the last time I played too, Greg (Ellis, drummer) played too, and (rapper) Squid and so many of our members played.  All the members played, but itís just source for his music, itís just elements.  I mean, he can chop and he can edit and he can remix.  I think Ben Watkinsí remixes work, but on the stage, we can play with more energy, we can make magic.  Its very different to Junoís album, itís fantastic.  Music is free.


LMD:  I told Ben that the first line of my review of the concert would be ďIím going to run away from home and join Juno Reactor.Ē

S: Good!


LMD:  Itís like a circus.

S: Exactly!


LMD:  Thereís so much going on onstage, you donít know where to look.  A friend said she put her hand in the air and she could feel the energy in the hall.  Do you feel that, too?

S:  Yeah. Of course.


LMD:  What do you think brings out the reaction that you get from your audience?  Last night some of the folks were just standing mesmerised, deep into the music and the whole back of the hall was like a rave with mad dancing everywhere.  What is it that brings out that primal response?

 S:  Definitely, itís different with the New York audience.  They are so fantastic.  Usually, on the stage I like to collect the cosmos. No think, just feel. You said to me last night, I was dancingÖ.


LMD:  You were.

S:  I didnít know, I just move with the music.  Itís very natural for me.


LMD:  Iíve seen other things that youíve done, but Iíve never seen you like that.  Itís the freeness of it; thereís all these things going on and every musician can be themselves, but Benís controlling it like a ringmaster.

S:  Yes. Heís a great conductor.


LMD:  On to other things, you have a concert coming up in December in Shibuya, donít you?  Is the concert to celebrate your 10th anniversary as a solo artist?

S:  Yes, December 19th. 10 years solo was last year.  Last year, I really wanted to do my anniversary work, it was impossible. I was too busy. For example, last year I had S.K.I.N.ís work, you know S.K.I.N?  And last year I had Masiís {sic Ė possibly Miyaviís?} work, too, so I couldnít do that.  I couldnít do my solo work.  The timing was so bad, but itís very important for me.  I mean, this December {will be} fantastic.  My solo bandís new drummer is Greg {Ellis}.


LMD:  Heís got to be one of the hardest working drummers Iíve ever seen.

S:  Definitely, heís a great drummer.  Heís the best drummer in my life.

LMD:  There were so many young fans at both your live interview with Samurai Beat Radio and the Juno Reactor concert.  What message would you like to pass on to them?

S:  What I want to pass on to young people, to the younger generation is just spirituality for peace. Weapons no, music is good.  No more machine guns; play the guitar.  This is very important, no more weapons, play music.  We are oneness.  Just now we donít need any borders for any race, any country, any religion, any culture.  Just now itís our point of view, itís very beautiful, but for government, for politicians, they still have big borders, they still have big problems for each country.


LMD:  One of the things that I find fascinating about you is that you say these things.  You are an activist, you donít hide who you are, you are what you see is what you get.

S:  I donít hide.


LMD:  A lot of other people do.  A lot of other musicians put up a very polished front, are afraid to say anything controversial and youíre not.  Why?  What is that confidence?

S:  I think being a musician; we have so many responsibilities for people.  I mean, definitely Bob Dylan, John Lennon, definitely they are truth for me, they are not hiding.  They talk to honesty, itís very important. I mean, we are musicians, it is our responsibility, but just now, exactly, most music {isnít}.  I donít know why.  Usually, I will be honest for my mind, for my truth, but it is very risky for my life, for this society, but we need - we need Ė {to} be honest.  We need to talk to the truth.  We need to talk to the mind.  Most people {have} forgotten.


LMD:  SoÖ whatís up with S.K.I.N.?

S:  Definitely, we want to continue S.K.I.N.  A few weeks ago, we had a meeting for S.K.I.N.ís future.  Of course, all the members want to continue to do that.  Maybe from next year summer, we can join inÖ maybe.  All the members are too busy.


LMD:  Since we are so heavily into films on our site, I wanted to ask you about movies.  You mentioned during your interview with Samurai Beat Radio that you enjoyed The Dark Knight.

S:  Yeah, The Dark Knight, I really loved it.


LMD:  I wondered what are some of your other favourite movies?

S:  I have so many favourite movies, itís very difficult.  For example, Blade Runner, 2001 {A Space Odyssey}, A Clockwork Orange.  Of course, Star Wars is my life, too. Star Trek, too.


LMD:  Did you like the prequels, the most recent films, too?

S:  I liked them.  I mean, George Lucas is our god. He made up Star Wars; Star Wars is just his world.


LMD:  Sugizo, I know youíre very tired, but I really appreciate your taking the time to talk with us.

S:  No problem, no problem, this is very important work for me.


LMD:  I just wanted to say lastly that I thought that Juno Reactor should be in a Broadway theatre and I think itís something that everyone should see.  Iíve never seen anything like it in my life.

S:  I think Juno is one of the best live performers {Iíve been involved with} in my life.  Itís really important to me.


LMD:  Iím glad youíre a part of it and exposing the music to so many new people and the young people in your fanbase.

S:  Thank you, very much.  Thank you.



~ The Lady Miz Diva

Sept 29th, 2008



Special Blessings to Ms. Megumi Sato & our luvvies at Samurai Beat Radio for allowing us to get these shots.


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